Time Pressure

5ca9dti9ucaf8u4gwca0g4upicatoein4cag1oyrfca6ru6y0caxbmrj1capsjbt0ca4v5chtca5cnj14cakhe62dcalpehzwcak0ui6nca17xs6uca0pkt8dca09604ecaznfpyqcaayqbqjca78ictn7This will take you to an Optimums Learning Pathway or Wellscript designed to help you with managing time pressures. These are interactive learning programs to which you can return at any time you wish and you will occasionally find links to them in our Blog posts. Each of the pathways has specific goals and will take from 30 to 60 minutes to complete. The amount of time required will be posted on the first page. If you work your way through all of them you will have completed a comprehensive orientation to what you need to do to stay healthy. If you can use a tape recorder you can navigate though the learning pathway. For the first few be sure to read the description of navigation. In all the pathways you can select topics of interest or move through one screen at a time.

In this particular pathway you will learn about time management.

Get started by clicking below:

Time Pressure


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