Dr. Harry Mills and Joyce Mills

yinyang1Dr. Mills’ practice, based in Orlando Florida, is in Clinical Health and Rehabilitation Psychology. He is a Licensed Psychologist in Florida and formerly licensed in Tennessee and Alabama. He is currently a Consulting Psychologist with Florida Hospital.  He is on the faculty Advisory Board of Concept Healthcare, a San Diego based firm which provides educational services to professionals and to families providing care to seniors. Dr. Mills’ graduate level training was at Tulane School of Public Health, in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at University of Mississippi Medical School, and the University of Southern Mississippi where he obtained his Ph.D. in Psychology. On the doctoral level he conducted basic research on the stress response. His dissertation involved investigating the use of imagery in a stressful learning task. Dr. Mills completed an internship specializing in behavioral medicine and behavior therapy and has had faculty affiliations with Ole Miss Medical School, Southern Mississippi, and Vanderbilt University and currently with the University of Phoenix. He was the developer and Director of Training for an APA Approved Internship program based in Nashville, Tennessee and headed a Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic which was primary placement for Vanderbilt doctoral students.Harry is Past President of the Nashville Area Psychological Association, is a member of the American Psychological Association, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy, Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback., International Webmasters Association and the HTML Writers Guild, American Society for Training and Development and the Archaeological Institute of America.

Joyce R. Mills, an ACE Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant and Personal Trainer, is also a certified yoga, Pilates and group cycle instructor. She has over thirty years experience in development of learning programs for children, adults and seniors. She obtained a Masters of Science degree, with emphasis on behavioral change and overcoming fear, at Mississippi State University and a Master of Education degree from University of South Alabama with specialization in learning styles. She is a Licensed Psychological Examiner in the state of Tennessee and was certified in 1994 as a Behavioral Analyst in the State of Florida. Ms. Mills was with the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of Mississippi Medical School, developed learning programs for Harrison County Family Court, worked with seniors at the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center and developed academic achievement programs for Barbara Gregg Associates in Nashville,Tennessee. She is currently employed as a fitness instructor at Gold’s Gym Altamonte as well as providing online coaching for personal health programs.

Ms. Mills has a long standing interest in learning styles and the unique ways that people of all ages learn and how to best design programs to make the best use of their individual learning styles. Ms.Mills interest in early childhood development led to her working for a number of years as a teacher at the Montessori Centre in Nashville,Tennessee.

Ms Mills has been in practice with her husband, as part of Mills Associates, for almost 20 years and co-authored Well Wise Ways, a comprehensive wellness program. Her long interest in health promotion has led her to develop programs for smoking and nutrition and to teach fitness to women and men of all ages.

Courtney Mills was a gymnast with Brown’s Gymnastics in Orlando and a dancer most recently with the Seminole Dance Force at FSU. She is a recent graduate of Florida State University where she obtained double bachelors degrees, one in psychology and the other in dietetics. She was a trainer and fitness coach at the Leach Center on the FSU campus. Her specialty focus is on nutrition and weight management. She is a Personal Trainer in Tallahassee Florida.


One Response to “Dr. Harry Mills and Joyce Mills”

  1. Louise Choquette Says:

    We are currently developing a Prenatal Education Tool to be used by prenatal educators in Ontario. We would like to include a guided imagery activity called “The Sea” and are wondering if you have copyrights to this or not? If you do, could we have permission to include it in our document? I can provide you additional information on our project if necessary but we are a not-for-profit organization based in Ontario, Canada and we will not be selling the resource we are currently creating. It will be available as a free download to prenatal educators.

    Thank you.

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